The apple orchard

In May 2014, we embarked on a new journey here at Tosterup, we planted our very first tree in our apple orchard. The first varieties were Ingrid Marie, Saga and Santana, one year later during the same period came two additional varieties; Frida and Elise. Today our orchard makes up almost 50,000 apple trees. We bind and prune our trees during the spring period and after three months of hard work we are ready to meet the beautiful flowering season. Apart from our solitary bees that we have in the orchard we also bring in around 20 additional hive colonies in mid May.

During the warmer months of the year the incredibly important bees and insects work hard in order to minimize the damage in the orchard. In summer we usually spend time thinning the trees in order to maintain and reach the desired size which we want to pick when the time comes. We harvest every single apple by hand between September- October and the fruit is then delivered to Äppelriket were they are sorted and stored. Short after, they are available for purchase in stores across the nation. Part of our harvest goes to the production of our own apple juice and cider. Find more information under Our beverages.

The orchard is certified and is operated according to the standards of IP Svenskt Sigill.

Interesting facts regarding the orchard

  • 50 000 trees of specially singled out sorts
  • 8500 posts that supports the trees
  • 160km of wire that supports the branches
  • A full harvest at its best is 12-15kg apples per tree, which adds up to around 600-750tons
  • Every row is 410 meters and we have exactly 100 rows from north to south
  • Every single apple is picked by hand